Use MACCP to book for travel, hotels and flights.

Easy, Simple Use in everywhere.

Experience the new world with MACCP


MACCP is made to combine the benefits of MACC and POPC. There are about 6,000 accounts that has MACCP (Sept.2019).

Fast Transaction

You can see MACCP is faster than other coins since MACCP is based on decentralised network server.

High Security

We provide anonymous services to protect some attacks from centralised communities.


Transactions of MACCP are recorded on blockchains so that you can see how MACCP is going.


  • Initial MACCP
  • Full Name Master Core Coin Plus
  • Algorithm POS / Mastermode
  • Type POS
  • Total Supply 500,000,000 MACCP
  • Block Time 60초
  • MS Collateral 5,000 MACCP
  • ROI 60~120%

MACCP Roadmap

  • 2019 2Q

    Make a team for developing MACCP

    Publish MACCP whitepaper ver.1

  • 2019 Q3

    Develop MACCP on the Mainnet

    Develop a MACCP QT Wallet

  • 2019 4Q

    Develop a MACCP website, DDos-Protection

    Get ready for launching in

    Get ready for launching MACCP in a global exchange

    Develop purchasing beta system that allows to purchase with MACCP at markets

    Develop solutions for purchasing system

    Test MACCP Blockchain, Masternode

    Run a mining center

  • 2020 1Q

    Launch MACCP blockchain

    Launch MACCP QT Wallet

    Launch MACCP Masternode

    Publish a full version of MACCP whitepaper

    Launch a website

    Launch in

    Launch MACCP in a global exchange

    Promote MACCP

    Build domestic partnerships

    Run a Korean community

  • 2020 2Q

    Launch MACCP in other global exchanges

    Launch an online market

    Announce domestic partnerships

    Promote MACCP globally

    Run a global community

    Build partnerships in Travel, Flight and Hotel industry

  • 2020 3Q

    Build global partnerships

    Launch MACCP in

    Announce Travel, Flight and Hotel items

  • 2020 4Q

    Comming Soon